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I know it is a bit too late to win a pair, but I just had a revelation.

You know those moments in which you realized that what just happened in front of your eyes was a moment that already gone? It’s not just the fast reflexes of pulling up the phone and unlocking it. It might be something you caught while driving a car. Or something your brain didn’t realize that you just saw, something that is worth being immortalized until 5 minutes into the scene. It happens to me all the time while driving my car. You just spot something interesting in the corner of your sight scene,  and before your brain process the scene, it’s already gone. It’s just happened to me in a ricksha in Mumbai. My friend was arguing with the driver about the price. It was so surreal I was just overwhelmed. It’s only later that I was thinking “nobody would believe me, I wished I had shut  a video of it”.

Later at the hotel I was still thinking about it. Then it struck me. What if I could mix google’s glass with my DVR? Have it always record the live action, and letting me rewind when I realize I’ve missed on something! Save a picture of what passed in front of my eyes for a blink of an eye.  Save a scene in video in retrospect. How cool it would be ? To me it would be very helpful. Or at least, double the number of pictures I upload on instagram

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