aquarium controller

I’m a geek and I own an saltwater aquarium. it was just a matter of time before I’ll start building my own DIY aquarium controller.


the basic rule in saltwater aquarium keeping is : patience, patience, patience. so I took the same principle building the controller.

the core of the system is a Raspberry PI B+ computer with a WiFi dongle.

the first thing I Implemented is a thermostat. I used ds18b20 chip I had. a piece of plastic tube and a lot of silicone glue made it pretty much waterproof.

Photo 11-02-15, 16 51 31

the second peripheral was a 8-relay board (from ebay) hacked together with a power extension cord with multiple sockets (careful, do it only if you know your way around electricity)


next came ביקקפ  Ph probe with a miniPh adapter that still needs to be calibrated.

future plans are to add a homemade salinity probe (measuring water conductivity), and a webcam so I can check my fish while away.

server software is written python (source code here)


the software features:

  • view and control all peripherals via a mobile web interface
  • turning lights and wave maker on and off at desired times
  • turning off wave makers for 5 minutes while feeding
  • daily upload of xml data to aquarium log site