a few home made, home-assistant components

It was hard to resist the temptation and not to add some more functionality to my home assistant installation.

first was a BMP085 barometer i had from my old DIY weather station

then I’ve added the miniPH and a pH probe to my aquarnium


I’ve tried using a cheap 433MHz receiver to get my weather station sensors, but even the good superhet one’s are having hard time getting the data. instead I used a rtl sdr dongle and compiled rtl_433 to decode the transmissions. then I wrote a small script to broadcast the json data to the mqtt server. easy 🙂

to output all the data I’ve wrote two components, one to upload the weather data to  wunderground.com  through their WPS API, the second is a web XML output so that aquaticlog.com can upload my aquarium data.

you can find all the code at this repository

I’m still waiting for a few 433MHz controlled power sockets, so I can control the balcony party lights.


also, I’ve been jealous of Mark Zuckerberg attempts of  home automation, and although I don’t have facebook’s resources, I thinking about how to make home automation “smart”

controlling light’s from my iPhone is a cool trick. but that’s only connectivity.

you can write automation scripts and rules, usually in some bizarre syntax that was never meant to serve as programming language. that sucks

Nest is having the right approach, in that the device is “learning” you and your hobbits. but it is limited to  controlling your AC.

what I have in mind is to have a listener component on home-assistant’s bus. then group event together and try to find some patterns, then try to match then into de-facto “rules” suggestion. this is still a raw idea, but I hope I’ll get the time to implement a basic system