a few home made, MagicMirror² Modules

I’ve been playing around with MagicMirror², and ended up jotting down a few modules of my own.

first was MMM-DailyWeather – which is the missing link between the default CurrentWeather and WeatherForecast. it shows the upcoming weather for the next 24 hour in 6 hour intervals and helps the fashion aware people in the house better prepare their look to the temperature outside.

then came MMM-School which shows my daughter school schedule for today.

MMM-Birthday is my attempt at a upcoming birthdays table. I know similar modules exist, but as a source for data my contact list does not contain many of the younger (and thus having no phone or email, yet…) population of the family. MyHeritage does contain all birthdays, but it does contain too much information. So I ended up hand crafting a list of people i care for, and got their birthday dates.

Last is MMM-Agenda: my take on the default calendar, but with the look and feel of my iPhone Agenda look, which i like. Each new day is separated by a header line, followed by a list of events for that day.

Source code: https://github.com/idoroseman/MagicMirrorModules