Six years ago we opened a startup with the hope of providing online tools for psychotherapists. At the time we encountered a lot of resistance from the medical community and mental healthcare practitioners. 

The need for online therapy was obvious to me from the beginning. We met so  many people who needed remote assistance. People who are living in rural areas, people with physical disabilities or victims of shame related issues like drug abuse and prostition that will not go and meet with a “conventional” professional. 

Back then, suggesting that patients and practitioners will not be sitting in the same room, was considered blasphemy. Introducing technology and getting people sit in front of a screen was heradory. Regulatory problems were piling up. It seemed therapists were not immuned themselves from the fear of change.

Fast forward to current days and we are in the middle of the coronavirus cricess. Whole communities are on lockdowns, health organizations are suggesting social distancing and avoiding meetings and gatherings. Diagnosed patients are quarantined.

There is a lot of confusion and frustration in the public. It’s been a long time since humanity had more questions than answers. The lack of data ignites fear of the unknown. What we do know is not less troubling. And getting outside the daily routine causes a lot of anxiety.

So in a sense the COVID19 is highlighting both need and solution legitimacy. I also see tech companies are finding solutions to overcome the issues, in order for  people to receive the help they need.

For us, it’s too late. We ran out of funds and closed shop. But it’s always fun to look back, feel self righteous and say I TOLD YOU !